Janathon Day 3

Today was always going to be the toughest day so far, first day back at school after the Christmas Holiday plus the dark evenings, doesn’t make for a motivated runner. But after a very long day I ventured to the woods with the dog for a spot of running in the dark. I’m starting to get use to running at the night. I’m no longer terrified, although I never turn and look behind just in case I am being followed by an axe wielding maniac or a horde of zombies. Although getting out the car at a pitch black woods is never particularly inviting….

In an attempt to keep me on track to bettering last year’s Janathon I managed a couple of laps of the woods totalling 4.74 miles. Although the forester must have heard about the Rat Race Dirty Weekend as he threw a few obstacles at me: lots of mud, fallen trees and temporary fences.

Today’s mileage = 4.74

Janathon mileage = 13.73

Number of people seen = 0

9 thoughts on “Janathon Day 3

  1. Kudos to you, I could never ever, ever run in the dark in the woods. Good job for getting in your mileage, I hope you will achieve your goal of braking your mileage from last year!

  2. When I was still teaching I used to run exclusively in the dark, sometimes not going out until after 11.00 pm; but always on roads, never in the woods! It was a great way of getting rid of the stresses of the day.

  3. Never mind the murderers and assorted zombie types, I’d be more worried about spraining an ankle or breaking various bones in the dark woods. Be careful! Good miles by the way, keep it going.

  4. You and me both tonight then running in the dark with the dog! I ask myself why do I feel safer with a small fluffy dog attached to me? Hardly going to fend out an axe murderer or a horde of zombies. Must buy a head torch though will be easier.
    Well done for day three..

  5. Well done! I like night running too, though not in the woods, just on the roads. Sometimes lit, sometimes not. I think I’m faster in the unlit patches!

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