Janathon Day 6

Sunday, the home of the long run, and an early start so that I have plenty of time for the scary pile of marking that needs doing. Although as I write this – 1 o'clock in the afternoon – the pile of marking is still there, well actually I moved it into the garage so that I could no longer hear it.

This morning's run was like a scene from James Herbert's 'The Fog'…

On a 'normal' Sunday without the pressure of Janathon I would have probably put in 8 or 9 miles, but with 25 days left I decided to take it slightly easier as tomorrow will not be a 'rest' day. So a gentle 5-miler was the result. Actually saw a few runners about this morning, which makes a change. Passed a group of ladies doing some sort of run/walk activity, clearly a new year resolution in action. Followed by a fella running at around 100mph, clearly some sort of bionic android alien sent down from a distant planet to make me look bad.

Made time to stop off at the ponds so that Billy Boy could have a dip, also gives me ANOTHER opportunity to play with the fantastic 'Halftone' app I discovered….

Today's mileage = 5.55

Janathon mileage after 6 days = 28.17

Taking the lead from Andrea and her musical related posts, today is my response to the miserable old gits that don't reply to my 'Good Morning!' as I run past: Two-Fingers!


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