Decision made!

After fighting with my inner self for the last couple of weeks I have finally decided that I will be participating in Juneathon this year.

If you are not aware of what Juneathon is then hold your head in shame, or maybe just google it and find out. But if you would like to know the jist of it, the idea is to run every day of June: run, log and blog. Simple.

Not quite sure at the moment exactly how much time and motivation I have, but suffice to say I will attempt to run every day with a plan to run around 120ish miles by the end of June. Having taken part in both Janathon and Juneathon in the past I understand exactly what it takes to run every day for a month, that doesn't mean to say I'll do it, but fingers crossed for a successful attempt.

What has finally made me decide to participate? Well a number of reasons, cue a bullet pointed list:

  • I've been lacking on the running front recently, so this is a chance to find my running mojo.
  • Work has finally calmed down a bit – meaning I'm more likely to hit the road.
  • Following on from the monthly projects last year it has all been a bit too quiet so far.
  • The lighter evenings seem to allow for a bit more 'stuff' to be done.
  • The blogging front has also been quiet for a number of reasons – #juneathon means a daily blog.

So there you have it…Juneathon starts on Saturday…and I'm very much looking forward to it!



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