Day 11 #juneathon

36.67% of Juneathon is now complete. Tonight, rather predictably, was ANOTHER run round the woods with the dog….yes I understand that it's getting slightly boring. Note to self: vary the run more.

Although, I have now smashed through the 50 mile barrier for the month. Tonight was 5ish miles including a brief stop off at the ponds so the boy could take a dip to cool off….

Tonight's run followed Amy's End of Year Show at College. This show gives the students a chance to create an exhibition of their work for people to admire. Amy has now come to the end of her A Levels in both Photography and Graphics. In graphics she had created a brand of cupcakes called 'Clare Rose' including advertising, packaging, menus, etc. The final outcome looked great printed up and mounted….

In Photography she has been using the word 'identity' as her stimulus for some great pictures, including using me as some sort of homeless guitar playing fella….

Well done Amz….you got there in the end!

Today's mileage = 5.43

Total Juneathon mileage = 55.07



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