Rain. Rain. Rain. #juneathon

Day 20….

The other day I posted about why I take part in Juneathon, one of the reasons was for the challenge. Tonight was definitely a challenge.

Left work and drove home in the rain, light rain, but rain all the same. Amazingly this was the first night that the chances of running in the rain looked on the cards. I wasn't too concerned, it actually looked like it was brightening up as I pulled up at home. How wrong could I be?

By 8pm, when I was ready for the run, rain was in the air, but it was still very light. In fact, I arrived at the woods and things didn't look too bad….

Half a mile into the run things changed….the heavens opened and it chucked it down. I don't quite know what it is, but running in the rain is really hard work. Tonight was just over 3 miles but it felt like 30. Either it is the fact that your t-shirt suddenly becomes a sponge and seems to absorb 5000 pints of water, or the mind begins to play tricks on you and every step seems to feel like you've just completed a marathon.

Made it back to the car absolutely soaked and well and truly ready for a hot shower, cup of tea, sit down and relax…..

Today's mileage = 3.29

Total Juneathon mileage = 95.95

Mojo level = low

And how about a map of the route……just because I can….



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