Health and Safety investigation needed…

Tonight's Janathon run took place in the woods; in the dark. I am now immune to the scary nature of running around the woods in the dark. What I'm not immune to is falling over. Tonight I fell over.

Stacked it.

Lost my footing.



Went arse over tit.

Lost balance.

Tumbled over.

Went headlong into the floor.

Whatever way you want to say it, it happened.

I was running across some particularly uneven ground, being very careful so not to trip, but not careful enough. As I found myself falling towards the floor, I did what every brave, athletic soul would do: I went into the old SAS roll to save serious injury. This would have been fine if it had not recently rained leaving a lot of water in close vicinity. Suffice to say if anyone was watching they would have seen me doing a roly poly through a muddle puddle. Furthermore, this was not without injury:

  • Grazed elbow
  • Two grazed knees
  • Painful thumb
  • Swollen finger

I even have proof of injury….

Total Janathon mileage = 49.35



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