Janathon Day 10 – if it could go wrong it did…

Sunday: the home of the long run. However, with my 16 week marathon training schedule starting tomorrow, I’d decided that Sunday’s are going to be all about the mileage soon, so a very gentle half hour jog at the woods with the dog was the plan. It was muddy..

Things didn’t go to plan.

  1. Loaded the dog into the car and set off for the woods. After getting halfway there I had to turn round and get my earphones that I had forgotten.
  2. There was something up with the dog today – he normally does what he is told – this morning he didn’t. Within the first half mile he had terrorised various families by jumping up at them and making their children scream with horror.
  3. On seeing a couple of people riding horses in the distance, the dog doesn’t like horses, and knowing what he was like this morning, I headed off the path and onto the trails to save me the hassle. The particular trail I had chosen was probably the muddiest trail I could have chosen, and uphill.
  4. The earphones, not my normal earphones (see a previous post for more information), kept falling out my ears.
  5. I’m normally pretty good at avoiding branches and brambles, apparently this morning was different, got whipped in the face on more than one occasion.
  6. Bloody stupid earphones kept falling out, despite hat pull down over ears.
  7. I was also tracking today’s run on the phone using the Nike+ running app; had some issues with it. A few times as I was running along the woman would suddenly say, “pausing workout”, so that explains the gaps in the run.
  8. The dog kept stopping and inexplicably staring at me. He is properly going crazy.
  9. Effing earphones kept falling out.
  10. When I got back to the car it had exploded and set fire to the woods, killing several adults and small children, spewing poisonous fumes into the air leaving the woods devoid of all life*.

In other news…the earphone problem has been solved.

* this didn’t actually happen, although, giving the morning I had, it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit if it did.

Total Janathon mileage = 35.6


4 replies on “Janathon Day 10 – if it could go wrong it did…”

wow that mud looks really hard work … don’t you just love dogs, some days they are the best running companions in the world – other days the doggie devils take over 🙂 glad the earphones are sorted

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