Day 11 #janathon

Over a third of the way through Janathon. 11 days, 11 runs. Cushty.

After yesterday’s fast session, tonight it was about taking it nice and easy. Got out of work early and went straight home, got changed, grabbed the dog, headtorch and headed to the woods. 

There were lots of signs at the woods, clearly they are doing some sort of  work. Probably chopping down trees, although not in the dark so I felt pretty safe. 

I’ve mentioned my dog on the blog before. Here he is again.

Yes, he has been naughty. He took it upon himself to wallow in a muddy puddle. Disgusting boy.

So on return home he was put in the bath and showered down; he wasn’t happy. 

I’m well pleased to have completed the first 11 days – starts getting tricky now. Not sure how confident I feel about completing 31 days.

Total Janathon mileage = 37.3