Day 15 #janathon 

15 days done. 15 days run. 16 days to go. 

Sunday, the home of the long run. Even in the midst of Janathon, with the Dark Skies Run getting ever closer, the longer runs still need to be done.

It was a miserable morning, grey and drizzly, and after snoozing the alarm for half a dozen times, 8.30am seemed about right to get up and head out the door.

The morning went exactly to plan, a run up the bypass to Bourne woods, big lap of the woods and back along the bypass home: 8.7 miles. It was a nice steady pace, hilly, muddy and surprisingly icy in places (nearly stacked it on more than one occasion). 

A week in miles:

Monday – 1.9

Tuesday – 4.3

Wednesday – 2.5

Thursday – 5.4

Friday – 2.1

Saturday – 3.1

Sunday – 8.7

Total week’s mileage = 28.3

That just leaves my running selfie. Now you only have to do a search for ‘running’ on Instagram to find a plethora of running selfies, and in every one you’ll see people that look like they’ve stepped out of a photo shoot. Not me. I even tried a few different expressions…

Total Janathon mileage = 56.6