Running and volunteering… #juneathon #run1000miles #parkrun #samaritans



The day started at Rutland Water Parkrun for my first ever bit of Parkrun volunteering. I’ve been meaning to do my bit for a while and today I finally managed it, I was a marshall with a camera at the 1km and 4km point. 

It was a great morning – I really enjoyed it – parkrun has such a great community feel – it was good to be involved as a non-runner. 


Juneathon Day 24.

Not doing parkrun this morning meant that the run would have to fit in a bit later in the day. So after watching the F1 qualifying and putting in a bit of time up the allotment it wasn’t until after 6pm when I was ready to get out there. 

The initial plan was that Helen drop me off on her way to her sister’s and I run back home. I had a 7 mile route planned in my head, a new route, but it seemed pretty simple. In fact, run along for a bit, turn right, run for a bit more, turn right, and then I’d be back on the main road and I can head home. 

Things didn’t work out quite like that. 

I started the run aware that I had run out of data on the phone and couldn’t access maps, but it seemed a very simple route. Suffice to say I got lost. The road began…

Turned into a trail…

Turned into something less that a trail….

When I finally made it to an actual piece of tarmac road, I thought I was heading in the right direction. I wasn’t. I then proceeded to run 5 miles in the wrong direction, when I finally reached a place that I actually knew, I was miles from home.

The final 5 miles home were completed on a rather treacherous road dodging traffic in the diminishing light. 

Total mileage = 16.2



4hrs at Samaritans.


Following yesterday’s ridiculous run, today was a rest day.

Total Juneathon mileage = 97.3

Total mileage this year = 504



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