Day 2 – Bangkok to Krabi

We’d decided not to have a stop off in Bangkok, firstly Helen had already been there and done the whole tourist thing, and secondly, we just wanted to get to the area we were going to stay for the two weeks, get the majority of the travelling done in one go.

We arrived at Bangkok Airport very sleepy (I find it impossible to sleep in those airplane seats) and with about 2 hours to spare until our flight to Krabi. Plenty of time we thought. That was until we arrived at Bangkok passport control and the slowest moving queue in the world.

What’s that saying? You pays your money and you takes your choice. Not that we paid any extra money to passport control, we’d probably get in trouble trying to do that, but you get the idea.

We chose a queue, the wrong queue of course, but that goes without saying. Every other queue starts moving faster the minute you enter YOUR queue. That is exactly what seemed to happen. The 2 hours ‘spare’ we had turned into a quick 10min sit down before boarding the flight to Krabi. We were knackered.

It was a quick 90 min flight to Krabi, during which time, they once again, tried to stuff us with more food and drink. We barely had time to put the seat belt on before they were shoving some sort of slimy mashed up chicken and mushroom wrap/cake/donut down our throats. Lovely.

At Krabi Airport we went for a ‘bus’ to the hotel rather than a taxi, taking in a bit of local culture and all that. Now, when I say ‘bus’, it actually means minivan – these minivans are infamous – tourists crow barred in with other miserable looking tourists all thinking the same thing – bloody minivans!

It was only a short trip to our first actual accommodation of the holiday, although this wasn’t simple. Our minivan took us into Krabi Town, we didn’t know it at the time, but actually driving past our hotel, before passing us over to another fella with an open top van (think the sort of vans that take animals to the abattoir) to drive us back the way we came to drop us outside our accommodation. But after 20 odd hours travelling, we made it: The Sasi House and a lovely welcome.

We attempted to get straight into the swing of things with coffee and snacks in a local restaurant, before finally deciding on a 4 hour power nap.

That evening, feeling slightly refreshed, we had a wander and explore, before consuming some lovely authentic Thai food in a food market in town.

Day 2 – Krabi. Sleep. Krabi Town. Night Market.

Fact of the Day: Thailand is made up of approximately 1430 islands.

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