Day 3 – Krabi Town and Tiger Cave Temple #thailand

Slept in until noon today. That’s the jet lag sorted.

So after a quick croissant breakfast we were in a taxi and heading to the Tiger Cave Temple. We didn’t really know what to expect, except a Temple, with various gold Buddha statues, probably a cave, all with some tenuous link to a historical Tiger no doubt.

Well, we were right about the Buddhas. They were everywhere, as well as various temples, statues and other Buddha related paraphernalia.

The Cave? Yep.

The tenuous link to a historical Tiger? Absolutely. A Tiger lived there about 2000 years ago. Before a bunch of monks moved in and kicked it out (not very monklike I know, but there is probably more to the story).

When we got there it was also clear that we may have to climb some steps to reach the piece de resistance (please excuse the lack of accents): a big gold Buddha on top of the hill mountain.

There were some steps: 1287 of them.

Helen made the decision, with hindsight probably the correct decision, not to attempt the climb. The steps were steep and she’s not great when it comes to heights. Apparently, it’s not the going up, it’s the coming down.

Although, like a martyr, in fact probably somewhat like those original monks who got the Buddha up there in the first place, I took on the challenge.

After about 401 steps, I say about, but I should say exactly, the posts on the way up we’re ‘handily’ labelled, I was feeling it. It was very hot, I was sweating, and my legs were aching.

I was thinking of quitting – I was also aware I had the bag with all the money in so Helen was somewhat stranded at the bottom with just her bottle of water for company – but those ancient monks were in my brain and I carried on to the top. What a hero.

There were also monkeys, whose main job in life seemed to be ignore the food everyone was feeding them and terrorise any unsuspecting tourist.

It was an interesting and sweaty afternoon. Would recommend visiting if you ever find yourself in the area and fancy climbing up a bloody great mountain.

After being picked up by taxi we hit Krabi Town for food and drink.

Day 3 – Sleep. Tiger Cave Temple. Krabi.

Fact of the day: the smallest mammal in the world is found in Thailand: the Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. It weighs just two grams.

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