Day 5 – Patong Beach #phuket #thailand

After a late breakfast of omelette, croissants and toast we set off in a taxi (yes, that’s right, no minivans in sight today) for the 20 min drive to Patong Beach.

And what should happen as soon as we set foot out of the taxi? You wouldn’t believe it!!We win a free 18 night stay at a 5-star resort just round the corner, as well as a plethora of iPads, iPhones and other lovely tech. Stavros, their local rep was also very happy – although his acting needs some work – as our good fortune meant he picked up a few quid too. I mean, what are the chances of us winning just that like!?! And all we had to do was just jump on a tuk-tuk for the short trip to this new spangly resort to claim our prize. Suffice to say, we turned down this one in a million chance win, well we had things to do, find a couple of sunbeds and relax on the beach for starters. Sorry Stavros.

The rest of the day went something like this:

  • Chilling on the beach
  • Lunch – very salty disgusting Thai food – the worse food of the trip so far
  • Inadvertently wandering into a coffee shop that was closed and ordering drinks – the fella tried to tell us it was closed. We couldn’t understand what he was saying – he served us drinks anyway, which we sat inside, drank and relaxed – we left. At which point we realised it was actually closed. Oops.
  • Chilling on the beach – and believe it or not you get free WiFi on the beach.

It was our first bit of beach action on the trip. It was lovely to relax in the sun. Headed back to the hotel at about 6pm in taxi. We had a lovely lady taxi driver who attempted to ‘chat’ with us on the way, even though she knew very little English and we knew absolutely no Thai – traffic was mega busy – 1000s of scooters and minivans everywhere. We had dinner and drinks at the hotel and a reasonably early night. Early start tomorrow.

Day 6 – Patong Beach.

Fact of the Day: Thailand has a slightly different order of priority for occupying public transport seats. It is as follows: monks, the elderly, pregnant women, children, women.

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