Day 6 – Phuket to Ko Lanta #thailand

It was an early start for breakfast and then a 7.45am pickup to Rassada Pier to make our way to Ko Lanta.

It was the usual get in a minivan with another load of tired travellers (although you do get the odd smile and grunt of acknowledgement) and head to the pier. Only today we had the added of excitement of me having to sit on some sort of pull down attached seat, well you could barely call it a seat, for the journey.

[This would be the position of the picture of said seat – except I needed both hands to hang on for dear life – no chance of working a camera as well.]

You can’t get a ferry directly to Ko Lanta, we had to change ferries at Ko Phi Phi. The ferry we took was absolutely fine – complimentary food and drinks – bit of a battle to get rucksacks from the pile stored in the depths of the boat, but overall not too bad at all. 2 hours to Ko Phi Phi.

So after a short stop and change of boats we were on our way again. Less comfortable boat for the second half of the journey. Although, again, made it in one piece. 90 mins and we had arrived at a very chaotic looking Ban Sala Dan pier.

There were various boats all docking at the same time, 1000s of people all clambering from one boat to another, some going, some coming, 100s of taxi drivers looking for fares, and everyone frantically looking through their pockets for the 10 baht entry clean up fee (some sort of mafia organisation no doubt), but as is the Thai way, you seem to get where you are going. For us, a fella holding a Kaw Kwang Beach Resort sign.

10 mins later we were in the back of his van and making the short 10min journey to our next stopover: Kaw Kwang Beach Resort situated within a beautiful bay.

Check-in was pain free, as is usual, so that by about 3ish in the afternoon we were in our fantastic little beach hut bungalow chalet thingy.

After a lovely dinner of rice, noodles, stir fry veg, satay chicken and onion rings we headed on a gentle stroll along the beach looking for a cool hip bar to chill in. We found it: The Mookandabar.

Lovely Thai fella owned it, he was very excited about the evening’s footy, Liverpool Manchester City in the Champions League. He did ask ‘what my team was’ – my reply of Charlton Athletic offered less excitement.

Day 7 – Phuket. Boat. Ko Lanta.

Fact of the Day: Thailand is home to the world’s hairiest child. I like this fact.

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