Day 7 – Ko Lanta

This was our first whole beach day of the trip.

The plan was to bag some sunbeds and chill by the beach. The place we’re staying at is in a lovely position, at the far end of Khlong Dao bay on the west coast of Ko Lanta Lai. It has a pool, a lovely sheltered tree/grass part, right on the beach with the usual bar and restaurant, and with plenty of other restaurants and bars all close by. All good.

Just before sunset I did manage a lovely run along the beach: 1.6 miles to the end of the bay – popped in the sea for a cool down – 1.6 miles back.

In the evening we walked down to a bar called ‘Focus’ for cocktails. It was the sort of place that you can imagine would be banging in the high season. But tonight, it was very quiet, at one stage we were the only people in it! Our only job was to consume cocktails and avoid the hole.

Day 7 – Beach

Fact of the Day: Thailand is the world’s largest producer of tin.

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