#project365 #38

Although technically it is not an actual photo I have taken, it’s still a picture. And a god damn exciting one.

After various messages to get someone, anyone, to join me on three nights of stunning entertainment, it has been sorted. Getting someone to join me at a Billy Bragg gig is not the easiest of tasks.

Bragg is playing at various venues over the course of the year with this 3 night extravaganza. At one stage it looked like a few days in Dublin. That was until looking at the cost of tickets, travel and accommodation, it would have been cheaper to go fully inclusive in some luxury Mediterranean resort.

So, it’s three nights travelling to and from Cambridge – all on various school nights. So who is joining me you ask? My brother. The only complication is that he lives in Hong Kong. But he is up for it. It appears my brother is equally obsessed with Billy as I am. Cushty.

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