#project365 #52

The ‘official’ picture of the day:

The end result.

Today the morning was spent at the allotment. I have to admit I was slightly worried about this morning’s visit. It is the first visit since around November of last year. My thinking is that nothing grows in the winter so it’s not actually worth going. Although, I’m well aware that weeds grow whatever the weather, so was half expecting a bit of a battle to get it cleared. I did have a plan:

  • Find the plot
  • Find the shed
  • Sort it out

In fact, it wasn’t too bad (this is not the ‘official’ picture of the day):

Helen actually joined me this morning, I drove because I’m not sure she would have remembered where the plot was. Having said that, once there, she was on fire.

Jobs completed:

  • Whole plot cleared and dug over
  • Cut back the blackberry bushes
  • Sorted the shed roof
  • Drank coffee – we took a flask – yes, I know, we’re old
  • Even managed to find some carrots, beetroot and spuds for dinner (not sure what they are going to taste like after festering in the ground over winter)

Overall a good morning’s work.

I’m going to attempt to put a bit more work in this year, especially on the planning front. This will be the third season with the plot and I’m hoping to get it producing more produce this time.

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