Day 5 #juneathon

I was greeted by a woman at work today in the following way…

“Your blog was a bit crappy yesterday!”

Now I am the first to admit that yesterday's blog was actually a bit “crappy”, therefore may I present…

The Runner's Guide to Bourne Woods

Bourne Woods is one of my regular places to run (often with the dog), so I have pretty much become immune to the sights the woods have to offer. But in attempt to keep the fans readers reader of my blog happy today's post is packed to the rafts with pictures.

Bourne Woods is full of sculptures and works of art to keep the visitors entertained as they stroll around. From the welcoming 'Weird Willow Tree Clinging Thingy'….

The beautiful 'Carved Bird Bath Wotsit'…..

The lovingly carved 'Wooden Mushrooms'….

Through to the more abstract 'Pile of Concrete with Scaffold Pole Inserted'….

Don't be worried about getting lost as you run round, the Forestry Commission have erected rather useful signposts about, although maybe they should just be called 'posts' as the signs have been stolen….

As well as the fantastic variety of trees, shrubs and flowers, the woods offer an abundance of wildlife from deer through to the tiniest flies that are chuffing everywhere! If you've never tried runner with your mouth closed and holding your nose, then Bourne Woods is for you. The pools of stagnant water lying around are the perfect breeding ground….

Today I swallowed around about 1000s flies and at one stage a fly flew up my nose and began boring into my brain, causing an extreme reaction and a number of strange looks from visitors…

Bourne Woods also has its very own maze, although it may not be that difficult to find the middle (you can see it in the picture)…

And at this point….

….I lost control of the dog.

So you can see that if ever you are in the area and fancy a walk or even a run then Bourne Woods is the place to be.

Finally, to the lovely woman who called my blog “crappy” I need to point out that maybe this is not the best place for you to visit….

Today's mileage = 5.72

Total Juneathon mileage = 22.97

Mojo level = very high



  1. I loved this blog and the fact that I have been round the woods loads of times and still have not found the damn mushrooms. Please explain to me where they are.

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