Juneathon lengthorn

#juneathon day 13 – the one where I have too much to say about gym goers…

An early start and a busy morning, that included a lovely breakfast, meant that I found myself heading to the gym before noon. For some reason Saturday is the quietest day in the gym; today was no different. Only a few people pottering around doing a bit of this and a bit of that. It makes a nice change from the rather strange eclectic mix of gym goers you normally see:

  • There were no extreme body building types. The sort that look at their muscles as they lift 3000 tonnes whilst growling like a demonic bear. The sort who parade around barely able to move their arms. The sort who would crush me with one finger if they read this.
  • There were no 99 year old pensions shuffling on the treadmill at a speed of -2 in their 'leisure' shoes. Harsh I know, but equally as funny.
  • There were no ridiculous people who seem to go to the gym just to look at their phones – they have no time to actually workout – just stare at their phones for an hour and then depart.
  • There were no groups of 'workout bros' trying to beat eachother by doing 2 million bench press while they 'spot' eachother.
  • They were no small gatherings of women exercising only their mouths. The sort who rock up with a yoga mat, sit, gossip and stretch an arm every 15 mins, before going to the coffee shop for a 'chat'.
  • There were no personal trainers about. The gym that I attend must have won an award for the most personal trainers. Sometimes you can't swing a cat without hitting a personal trainer in the head. The sort who have the black t-shirt with 'personal trainer' on the back. I must get myself one of those.

So today's exercise: 10min on the cross-trainer; 10min on the rower; and 10min on the bike. Lovely jubbly.

Juneathon totals after day 13:

10.9 miles run

18.55 miles cross-training

171 press-ups

485 sec planks

8000m row

2.7 miles bike

10 extra walks between classroom and reception


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