Janathon Day 1 – it’s all about the context…

Here we go again. Janathon. Not sure what it is all about? Click on the link, put your trainers on and get out the door.

So…day 1. Not going to break any records with day one’s offering: 3.06 miles. Pretty poor. But as I say to my students, context is important, don’t forget to explore the context: Jekyll & Hyde and Victorian London; Of Mice and Men and 1930s America; and the poetry of Wilfred Owen and WW1. The texts don’t mean anything without thinking about the context.

Janathon Day 1 context:

  • It was New Year’s Day – we had a drink last night – in fact, we had more than a couple of drinks – in fact, at one stage we were having to do vodka shots if no-one guessed the charade. Therefore this morning was a slow start to the day.
  • Felt very tired – after a very late night, I felt more like a nap than a run.
  • It was raining and dark. By the time we were back home and feeling more ‘with it’ it was chucking it down and getting late.
  • Big day tomorrow – a trip to The Valley – wanted to save my strength.

Having said all that, 3 miles were completed at the woods with the dog. 


Tonight’s running incident:

On arrival at the woods there was a car that was in the ditch near the entrance, I just thought it was abandoned. But, as I parked up there was a fella siting in the car. I shouted over to him to ask if everything was alright. He replied with, “No it’s not alright, I bloody reversed into the ditch didn’t I!” I did offer my help, although my car is not the most powerful (it is in fact smaller than a dinky toy), plus I don’t possess some sort of pulling-car-out-of-ditch-rope. However, he did say he had phoned his mate to come up with a van and pull him out. After my run help had indeed arrived and I left them attempting to recover the car.

Janathon total = 3.06 miles

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