Janathon Day 7 – no one likes change…

Avid readers of this blog will be aware that yesterday I was very nearly decapitated, resulting in broken earphones.

Today’s run, at the woods, meant that I had to wear some different earphones. Luckily, there were spare ones in the house*. But they were not my usual earphones. They were some very cool, funky looking earphones by Jabra. 

Cool and funky maybe, but not my lovely old earphones. They were very annoying. 

Firstly, they felt like they were about to fall out all the time, they have this weird rubber bit that goes in your ear and stops them falling out. They never actually fell out, but felt like they would. Very annoying. 

Secondly, because they are new the cable is still slightly coiled and not particularly flexible, so it was flapping about all over the place. Very annoying.

I did ultimately find a way to manage; I pulled my hat down low and wedged the cable down my shirt. No one likes change.

As for the run, I enjoyed it. I managed to get out of school as the bell went (I had a free last period of the day and was very organised) – in fact, I had to barge past a few kids, knocked a couple over and sent a few more in to a ditch as I legged it to the car park.

Therefore I was at the woods to start the run by 4.30pm. I did two large laps and one small lap. This was the view on the first… 

And the same view on the second lap… 

As you can see, it gets pretty dark pretty quickly at this time of year. Overall it was a 5.62 mile run, and more importantly the seventh run in seven days. Cushty.

Total Janathon mileage = 26.66

* They were not actually spare, they were Helen’s, and I actually bought them for her as a Christmas present. 

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