Janathon Day 6 and a violent incident…

On the way home today I picked up a few bits from Tescos for dinner: cottage pie. I had a list:

  • Spuds
  • Salt (Saxa)
  • Oxo Cubes (red)
  • Mince (5%)

Once I'd peeled the potatoes and whacked them in a saucepan I got changed and left Helen to get on with the dinner whilst I headed out for the sixth consecutive run of the month. I'd decided on about four or five miles running round the streets – without the dog for a change.

The first couple of miles were OK, I didn't have a particular route in mind, I just fancied staying pretty close to home and hitting the local streets. Then it happened…

As I jogged along, listening to the delightful sounds of Skinny Lister, I felt a violent almighty tug on my earphones. So violent it was as if my head was about to be ripped off my shoulders, my ears ripped from my skull, my life at an end. My trailing earphone cable had somehow got caught and wrapped round a branch.

I did in fact survive the incident without any injuries, my earphones didn't…

The fact that I could no longer listen to music gave me the hump so I headed home. 2.72 miles.

Total Janathon distance so far = 21.04 miles


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