Janathon Day 5

I had pretty much decided that I wouldn’t go for a run today, it was either going to be a trip to the gym or some sort of front room circuit training session. 

But when I got home the dog gave me the ‘time for walkies’ look so I decided to go for a gentle run with him. Running with the dog on the lead is next to impossible because he just goes crazy and drags you around the streets. So I went for the let him go crazy and drag me around the street until I got to the fields and was able to let him off the lead. 

On the way back I even managed to resist this…. 

In the end it was a nice gentle 3.25 miles, when considering I wasn’t going to even go out for a run I’ve got to be happy.

Janathon total after 5 days = 18.32 miles

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