Janathon Day 4 – and feet….

First day back after the holidays; eased into the start of the new term with a teacher training day. Therefore the day was taken up with lots or recapping on the year so far, reminders of what the rest of the year entails and a plethora of other information. 

Although on a more positive note I did manage to get away by 3.30pm, which meant the opportunity to get a run in at the woods before it got dark. 

It was raining at the start of the run and very muddy underfoot. 

I ran for an hour and covered a distance of 5.55 miles – that tells you just how muddy it was, normally I’d run a lot further in an hour. I did well to stay on two feet. So by the end of the run it was dark and I was pretty muddy. 

It was good to get home and take off the trainers. 

And even better to have a shower and put on my lovely cosy traditional Afghan slipper socks. 

Janathon total so far = 15.07 miles

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