Janathon Day 3 – and some babysitting and shopping…

Sunday: a day of rest? Rubbish.

Babysitting duties today meant for a pretty hectic day.

We all headed to Lincoln today for another go at the shops. Came home with a new pair of jeans and a new pair of ‘plum’ shoes. Very cool. The boy and I also did our fair share of hanging around outside changing rooms waiting for Helen to try on stuff.  

We headed to Pizza Hut for lunch were we had the most amazing stuffed crust chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce pizza.

The afternoon involved playing cars, watching Ice Age, chasing the boy around the house and generally being run ragged. 

When we finally managed to go for a run, in between Marie finally showing up to pick up her son and having dinner, it meant a night run with the dog. 2.55 scary miles around the woods. Although it did actually look like we enjoyed it!?

Janathon total so far = 9.53 miles

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