Day 3 #janathon Listen Without Prejudice…

During today’s run I was accompanied, metaphorically, by George Michael. I was never the greatest George Michael fan, Wham was all a bit pop for me, even as a teenager I had an eclectic taste in music, but what it didn’t include was a great deal of popular music. His solo career interested me slightly more, the album Listen Without Prejudice was a great album and I took the time today to enjoy it once again on today’s run.

So please if you will, read, or should I say, listen without prejudice to today’s Janathon blog…

Tomorrow I am back to school, my freedom has ended. I’ve been praying for time to move very slowly so that I can enjoy the last day of the holidays. Before even returning I’m waiting for that day when we break up for the holidays again; to heal the pain and set the soul free. 

I had to run on my own today, Kath came round this morning to take Helen out on a 6-miler, they won’t go when I go, so I expect it’ll be raining by the time I get out. 

As the new term approaches, my mind starts to think about planning lessons. Running is good for that. For a creative writing task I had this idea to give the students random characters, like some cowboys and angels, then get them to produce a story. Although I’m not sure how long I will be waiting for them to create something good with that idea. I’m not sure, maybe it’s something to save for the future. 

Well, that’s three days down and three days done, I’m my mother’s pride. 

Total Janathon mileage = 9.7

Total Listen Without Prejudice tracks surreptitiously placed into blog = 10 (all of them)

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