Day 5 #janathon

Five days into Janathon and it’s already starting to get very predictable. It’s too cold to go out for a run, so it was off to the gym again for some treadmill action. 

My gym is a pretty crappy place, it doesn’t have a pool or steam room, it’s not one of these swish leisure centres, in fact it doesn’t even have a lot of exercise machines, just massively muscular fellas tensing and strutting about.*

But what it does have, and the highlight of every visit, is a motivation sign…

It’s a simple message: effort is a choice. I think that same mantra works for the blogging as well. As much as the exercise is an effort, the blogging is always a bigger effort. I’m five days in and struggling to write anything interesting. 

So I haven’t.

Total Janathon mileage = 16.7

Run streak = 5 days

* Hopefully they don’t read this blog or they will crush me when I next pop in. 

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