#juneathon Day 20

Yesterday, day 19, was another rest day. You’ve probably worked out by now that I’m taking a rather more relaxed approach to Juneathon this time round. Having said that, it was bloody scorchio yesterday, and anyone wanting to run in that heat would have been totally off their rocker. 

That’s yesterday’s excuses logged. As for today…

I extended Sunday’s run route by a mile or so tonight. It’s quite a nice little run, I’m attempting to just increase my mileage slightly. Out are the consistent daily 3-milers, to be replaced by some longer runs with some rest days thrown in. 

It was a lovely evening. 

Interesting route.

Even if you had to watch your step – the ground is pretty dry – some nice looking ankle breaking mahoosive cracks to negotiate.

It was pretty warm again today, no where as hot as yesterday, but warm all the same. So the idea of getting out for a run on the trails the minute I walked in the door from work caused a rather negative response from Helen.

Enough said.

Total Juneathon mileage = 78.1

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