Juneathon Project365


Project365 #159

Another new system for going in and out of school. We are now barcoded and have to scan it whenever we enter or leave. The fact that I have to walk past my classroom to get to the scanning point is a bit annoying, but it also means I can include the extra mileage in Juneathon.

Talking of Juneathon. Today's exercise was at the gym:

  • 15min cross-trainer
  • 2000m row
  • 15min cross-trainer

Juneathon totals after day 8:

  • 7.4 mile runs
  • 14.35 mile cross-training
  • 171 press-ups
  • 485 sec planks
  • 4000m row
  • 2 extra walks between classroom and reception


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