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I’m feeling crackers! #juneathon #project365

Juneathon Day 11

This is probably my third Juneathon, and I'd be the first to admit the blog posts have been getting progressively worse. The first ten days of this year's Juneathon have been, all in all, pretty dire. I've not been able to go on my usual runs that would possibly have given me more to talk about. As if to prove the point, today I ventured to the gym, once again, to do exactly the same as what I usually do at the gym recently:

  • 15 min cross-training
  • 2000m row
  • 15 min cross-training

The never-ending calf muscle shenanigans that I'm sure you are all sick of hearing about, are continuing unabated. So the above session means I get to work hard without any dramas.

Project365 #162

Every now and then I am required to bake. Today is one of those days. Tomorrow is the weekly 'cakey bakey' at school – it works out that every 8 weeks or so you are required to bake something for everyone to pig out on. Over the course of the year we have pretty much eaten every kind of cake available to man. So just for a change tomorrow I will be offering up a savoury alternative: crackers. Actually biscuits may be a better description. Apparently they are 'easy' to make. They're not.



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