#juneathon day 11

On Wednesday afternoons my school offer, what has been termed, 'electives'. It is a chance for teachers to offer various activities, outside of the curriculum, to enrich students. I offer 'running club'. Which I am also offering up as today's Juneathon activity. Given the name of the elective, 'running club', I find it quite amazing that some students still seem surprised when they are asked to run.

On a lovely sunny afternoon like today you could be mistaken into thinking that you are watching 'sunbathing club'. Despite this we did complete some 'running'. The Garmin logged a total of 2.75 miles which included a warmup, various bits of running, cool down and a couple of games of bulldog. Sorted.

Day 11 mileage = 2.75

Total Juneathon mileage = 50.69


4 replies on “#juneathon day 11”

Oh, I’d hate to be motivating teens to run. Especially when they’ve decided it’s totally foreign to them. I was that teen. I recall actively hating the PE teacher. And having moanfests with all my pals because our legs would be so sore the next day.
A tough, tough Juneathon activity, Philip. You deserve to double your mileage for that.

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