Janathon Project365

I don’t mean to be rude…

Janathon Day 30 – The Penultimate Day

This week has been very cold. Therefore, since Monday, all but one of my runs have been done on the treadmill at the gym. I'm not the greatest fan of the gym; I prefer to run outside. I originally joined just so I could still run on those cold, wet winter nights. Although I do occasionally do a bit on the bike, or a bit of cross training, I have even been known to do a bit on the rowing machine. But what you will never catch me doing is weight training.

The gym I go to is a bit 'old skool' – lots of weight machines, lots of free weights and lots of big muscle men. Now, I don't mind if people want to workout using weights, good luck to them I say. However, there must come a point when you feel that you are big and strong enough. The boys at the gym where I go don't seem to know where that 'point' is.

What you end up with are blokes pacing around with little heads on massively overgrown, pumped up bodies. Their bodies are so enlarged that they seem unable to relax – they just look so tense all the time – I'd imagine that they just ache all day. Not my cup of tea.

At this point you are probably expecting a sneaky picture of said fellas – that is not going to happen – I wouldn't want to risk it, I'll get lynched. So you get a rather accurate artist impression*…

As for the last run of the month? Not sure what it will be yet, probably hit the trails of the woods for a final muddy blast. We'll see what happens.

Today's mileage = 4.27

Total Janathon mileage = 123.33

* if I do not blog tomorrow you will know that one of the muscle men at the gym reads my blog and has broken me in half.

Project365 #30

Yep, you've guessed it, we had a little visitor over tonight!

Bagsy not tidying up!


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