Juneathon Project365

Every little helps…. #juneathon #project365

Today's Juneathon exercise on day 20: a plank.

Now, I can hear you all now….your shouts probably include one or more of the following:

  • “That's not proper exercise!”
  • “A plank!? Pathetic!”
  • “That is a cop out!”
  • “You lazy git!”

Now, a couple of weeks ago you may have heard me shouting something very similar. But my experiences over the last two weeks have changed. I'm now chasing it. I'm desperate to try to beat my best time every time I have a go.

To all those plank haters out there, or the people that don't believe it is worthy of a legitimate Juneathon exercise, I'm telling you it is! If you had seen me today you would realise this fact.

It had been a long day with this that and everything else, which meant an attempt to break my previous best plank of 2min 35sec. I had filled up on pizza (probably over filled myself if I'm totally honest) and was ready to go. The first minute was ok, feeling pretty good. The next 30 sec and the odd shake can be felt, the stomach muscles start working, time slows down and breathing becomes hard. As we approach 2min the shakes are taking over. 2 min 30 secs and you can feel the blood vessels popping in your brain, breathing has become grunts and growns. Time has virtually stopped. The final 15 secs is spent holding your breath and trying not to blackout, everything hurts: stomach, back, shoulders and elbows. Hold it for 2 more seconds….every little helps.

And the reward….

Boom! New PB!

Project365 #171

About six weeks ago you may remember (if you are sad enough to be a regular reader) a new toaster was purchased. A 4-slicer toaster. This morning the advantages of a 4-slice toaster were evident for all to see. Genius, pure genius. Two bagels on the go, one slightly delayed to allow for spreading of Philadelphia. Every little helps…


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